How Flowers can replace Chemical made Air Freshener

How Flowers can replace Chemical made Air Freshener? Yes, Flowers can use as Air Freshener which most of the peoples are unaware.

Do you know you are having health hazardous in every moment while use Chemical made Air Fresheners at home? Are you aware about such Health Impacts of Chemical made Air Fresheners?

If you want to Air Fresehing your Rooms naturally, This Article will help you to know more.

Do you know that Flowers can use for Air Freshening the home?  It is not wonder at all that flowers can remove Odors from your room. If it is like that why almost everyone is using Chemical made Air Fresheners? Should you be out of that crowd? If so, why?

May be your mind is running over thoughts why after why. Isn’t it? Your doubts will be no longer after reading this Article. Just spare few moments to read it to get a clear picture.

Why need Air Fresheners?

Air Fresheners need to use to remove Odors from the rooms or home. Sometimes it is difficult to keep rooms or home from having too humid due to climate situation. Due to humid air can trap all indoor pollutants inside the rooms or home. As a result odors or bad smell moves around in the air of rooms or home. To remove such odors or bad smell are important to avoid creation of Mold & Mildew. It is, in fact needs for healthy living environment.

How to remove Odors or Bad Smell?

If need to keep your rooms or home Odor free, you need to know why it is happening? You need to find out possible root causes. If you know possible root causes, it is easy for you to take necessary actions.

You can also take preventive measures. The main cause of having odors or bad smell caused by low air circulation or no air circulation in the rooms or home. If proper air circulation is available in the rooms or home, chances is very slim to face odors or bad smell. This is the most natural way to have your home odor free.

Chemical made air Fresheners are using very widely in everywhere. They are available in any shop. Are you using such Chemical made Air Fresheners? 

What is Chemical made Air Fresheners?

Air Fresheners which made by Chemical components are known as Chemical Air Fresheners. These Chemical made Air Fresheners are consumer products which commonly use at homes, commercial establishments that typically emit fragrance.

What types or forms of Chemical made Air Fresheners are available?

Many types or forms of Chemical Air Fresheners are available in the market. Most common types Chemical made Air Fresheners are Sprays, Gels, Oils, Plug Ins, Candles, beads, etc. Consumers can choice according to their own wish which one they feel good for them based on needs.

How Chemical made Air Fresheners do Air Freshening?

Most of the Chemical Air Fresheners emit fragrance in the Air. They do act as masking over odors or bad smell. It’s like smell over smell.

Flowers can use as Air Fresheners
Why you should use Flowers as Air Freshener [Right Now]
What Chemical made Air Fresheners may release in the Air?

Many Chemical components are required to produce Chemical Air Fresheners. Air Fresheners may emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) & Semi Volatile Organic Compounds in the Air. Many Chemical made Air Fresheners may contain:

Fragrance is smell or scent which created by chemical re-actions of various chemicals. Fragrance creates a mask over the existing smell in the air.  Sweet fragrance get release in the air by spray. When Air freshening substances goes in the air from bottle or container it turns into Vapor or Gas in the room temperature.

Formaldehyde act as preservative. This Chemical may also found in different building materials, paints. Also can can found in many other household materials also. They are also use in disinfectant, fungicide & preservative in many laboratories.

Phthalates are a versatile chemicals usually use as solvent in air Fresheners to dissolve chemicals. They also carry smell of fragrance in the air.

Acetaldehyde is an organic compound. It can find in the nature i.e. in Plants, Coffees, etc. It also produced by the body as well. This compound also use industrially as synthetically in various types of perfumes, dyes.

Possible Health Impacts may cause by Chemical made Air Fresheners?

It is not like that you are spending for a short while in a room where Chemical Air Fresheners are being used. In fact, in every moment of breathing you have as long as you are at home.

No matter whether you are working at home or moving around in the home or even sleeping, every moments air is going inside of your body by breathing. The air you are having inside have masked by Chemical made Air Fresheners over odors.

Possibilities of below health impact may not be avoided as being used long duration of such Chemical Air Fresheners use at home.

  • Allergy
  • Breathing problem
  • Asthma
  • Eye Irritation
  • Stomach Diseases
  • Damage of Lungs
  • Damage or Infection of Liver & Kidney
  • Growth of Tumors
  • Cancer
  • Skin infection or Irritation
  • Respiratory Irritation
  • Reproductive abnormalities

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What Mental Health benefits you can get from Flowers?

Why Chemical made Air Fresheners are so popular?

Knowing or not knowing why Chemical made Air Fresheners are so popular? Are you not thinking about it?

Yes, of course, there are many reasons behind such popularity. Most Common Reasons are as below.

Price of Chemical based Air Fresheners are cheap.

Huge Discount Offers not only give by the Manufacturers but also by the Shops.

Duration of using a pack of Chemical made Air Freshener is long. 

Availability of Chemical Air Fresheners is so easy. They are available in any Shopping Mall & also in your nearby Shops too. There are available at anywhere. 

Wide variety of Scents are available in Chemical based Air Fresheners. Consumer can select according to their choice. 

So many Colors of Chemical based air Fresheners are available in the markets to attract consumers. 

Attractive Containers in different Sizes & Forms are available. Also eye catching Packaging used too. 

Wide variety of Brands are available to compete the market & grab market share. 

Attractive Commercial Advertisements inspire consumers to buy such Brands. 

Home Services are available including delivery of Products, Installation, services are available.

Common Systems exist in many Housing Complex or Service facilities including Air Freshening.

Chemical Composition declaration are sometimes are too small words which not much noticeable. Many cases, consumers not bothered at all to read. Some cases not understand at all about such Chemical Composition.

Cautions even declared which are also so small words to notice. Even noticed or read, sometimes consumer not bothered at all to follow. 

Dependency is one of the vital factor. Many consumers become addictive on sweet fragrance. Such mindset lead them limiting their thinking to find out for alternative choices.

Attributes declarations like ‘Green’ or ‘Eco friendly’ or ‘No Health Injurious’, etc. may attract consumers. They trust on such declaration of Brands to make buying decision.

Consumers buying Psychological tends to inspire for immediate economic benefits. Thus ignore to think over for long tern sustainable economic & health benefits.

What are the Options for Air Freshening in Natural Way?

Most important point is you should know why such odors or bad smell is causing? Right?  The answer is very simple. Insufficient air circulation of air is the only main cause of such odors or bad smell. If proper air circulation is available, no chance at all to the rooms or home odors or bad smell.

Open Air flow can help to remove Odors. Open the Door or Window to have proper air circulations time to time. Let air flow move around all the rooms & let the odors to get out from the rooms. In fact, clean or fresh air has no scent or smell.

This is most important point always need to keep you in mind. Most important focus is to have the rooms to get odor free. You are having breath not for having sweet scent or sweet smell. You are having breath only for survival. Isn’t it?

Cleaning of all the rooms every day by using duster or vacuum cleaner. Keep all the doors & windows are pen while you clean dust. If any Fan is in the room, please keep switch on for circulating the air for some times.

Flowers can release Smell all around. Keep few pieces of flowers which has good smell. Flowers has natural power of removing odor & cleaning the air. Flowers act so amazing which you can’t find in other natural things.

Why Flowers for Air Freshening?

Flowers contain Natural sweet smell or scent. Wherever Flowers exist you can find that sweet smell all around. Gentle air flow helps to circulate sweet smell of Flower in the surrounding area.

Smell of the Flowers completely organic. No man made chemical compounds are in the flowers. No chance at all to have any impact on health as being products of the Nature. Flowers are eco-friendly.

Smell of Flowers goes in the air in a continuous manner as long as the Flowers not completely get dried. It is natural system gifted by the Nature within Flowers.

Flowers release moisture in the air which can help to keep balance of humidity of indoor.

Only few pieces of scented flowers are enough to cover a big room for removing any odor. Keep few pieces of flowers with some fresh water in a vase or dish. You can also spray some water on flowers few times a day so that flowers get some wet and also can last for few days.

Flowers can use as Air Fresheners
Why you should use Flowers as Air Freshener [Right Now]

What more Health benefits you can get from Flowers

Flowers don’t create any allergies.

Flowers are good for Skin as they release Moisture in the air. Those who have dry skin, having flowers at home can help them to improve their skin smoothness in a natural way.

Flowers act as natural welcoming to any one while they are at home. No matter you are coming at home from outside or your guests, Flowers always do welcome everyone in a silent way.

Flowers can brighten your room. Flowers take place as a natural piece of decoration.

If you are in off mood or bad mood, flowers can uplift your mood. Flowers has an amazing power to connect human brain. Brain gets stimulated while flowers are at home or nearby you.

Flowers also increase your happy feelings. While you are always very close to flowers or flowers are always at home, your mind always be in a state of peace. Not only for you, but also for everyone at home.

Relationship get improves while flowers are at home. If everyone at home are in a good mood that means everyone are within an environment of peace. So, chances are getting anything wrong is very slim. Even, if anything tends to go wrong, can solve in a peaceful manner. Isn’t it?

Your Positive energy is most important for your life to move ahead with success. Right? Flowers has such a great power to improve your Positive energy in a natural way. The Nature has given such a great power to flowers for wellbeing of human beings.

Flowers can improve your mental health which is very important. Most of the people are too much concern about physical health as its very visible & anything happened can noticed easily. But, Mind is invisible, no one pay attention seriously until it goes severe. Have you noticed this? If not, it’s good time for you to listen to your inner voice.

Flowers can bring your hidden creativity in reality. You have unlimited hidden powers. Are you aware about such powers? While you are in touch with your creativity will start to come into reality one after one. Your mind will start to think over for such creative powers to bring them in reality.

Productivity can increase when flowers are at home. You are always with full of energy. Your efforts will be with mindful attention in every single step of works. Outcome of your efforts will be much better than expected.

Flowers can keep your mind in calm. If you mind is in calm, you can figure out anything in a wise way. Your decision will be right. Have you ever noticed it?

Flowers also can also help to improve your sleep duration & sleep quality. While you have sound sleep, you next day is very great & energetic day. Have you ever noticed good benefit of should sleep?

Your memory power can improve by flowers. Flowers also bring back your old memories. Those who are old in age, flowers can make them very happy. While flowers bring back memories of old times, they become cheerful. A beautiful smile can come up while they start to feel those happy old times.

It is not surprising that flowers inspire you always to learn lessons from them. Flowers inspire you to improve your human quality which is very important. Are you not inspiring yourself by having lessons from flowers? If not yet, try to learn from them to make your life meaningful.

Flowers give lessons to radiate your Loving Kindness to all living beings of the earth. Once you radiate loves for every living beings, you will have similar loves in return. This is Universal Law. No one is out of this law.

The Nature comes to your home when flowers are there. You can have good feelings of the Nature around you all times when flowers are in your homes. Why not try to feel the joy of the Nature.


You are breathing every moment of chemicals while you are using Chemical made Air Fresheners in your home. You may not find any quick impact under such masking over Odors by Chemical made Air Fresheners. But, in long run, you may have under possible risk of health.

You should not only think over for yourself but also you need to think over for your Kids & Pets as well. Do you think that their metabolic system are strong like an adult? Of course, not. Right? If so, why not be aware of such possible health impacts cause by Chemical made Air Fresheners? Why not take steps to do air freshening your home by natural way?

Flowers are a bit costly comparing Chemical made Air Fresheners. There is no doubt about it. When air freshening is concern to health flowers are much more beneficial for long term. What you think about it before going to buy any kinds of Chemical made Air Fresheners?

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