Lessons you should learn from Flowers to make your life meaningful!

Lessons you should learn from flowers to make your life meaningful. It is not so hard at all. Only need your inner eyes to open to see the what lessons flowers are giving to you?

Almost everyone see the flowers only for their beautiful color & fragrance. This is nothing but limiting attributes of flowers. If you deeply look into flowers you can find their hidden attributes.

All these can inspire you to take great lessons from them. You can apply in your life to make very meaningful. What you need to do is bring your inner focus onto them in depth rather than looking at surface.

What Inner & hidden attributes you can find in the flowers to learn?

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Flowers bloom anywhere

No matter on plain soil or garden or onto the rock, flowers bloom anywhere on the earth. Power of blooming is the hidden energy of flowers.

This hidden energy help them to bloom with their beauty. Flowers struggle & survive. They spread their beauty within the Nature no matter wherever they grown.

Human beings are also similar as flowers. They can born at anywhere on the earth. Flowers give lessons to you that you have to face difficulties and you have to struggle for survival. You may broke, but you need to stand up again to overcome hurdles.

You can’t expect everything will come to you in a smooth way. If you want to get something, you have to do something. That means you need to work hard to bloom yourself.

You need to work hard for your survival & move ahead in every steps of your life.

Even a easy thing is not easy at all. You need to put your action to make it easy. You inner force has to bring into action to make everything happen. Whether it is a easy work or a hard work.

You must need to step in for actions to make it happen. You have to build up your will force to come out with action to get result.

Otherwise, you can’t find things are happening as you expect. Survival is the fittest.

Life of flowers are short

Life duration of flowers are not so long. Within such short life time they spread their beauty & smell all around. They never hesitate to flourish their inherent beauty in the nature. Flowers never expect anything return from anyone else.

Human Life is similar as life of flowers. Even life duration is short, you need to use every single moment in a proper way to make your life very meaningful. Your intention i.e. will force can make your life more meaningful than you expect.

Only need to use every single moment with very effective & efficient way. Using like this way, your life will be much meaningful.

Though life time looks short but it is long enough in case you can make every moment as quality moment. Of course, it’s no so hard at all. Your positive thinking need to put in action to bring out positive results.

No one will come to make your life meaningful. It is your life, you will have to make it meaningful & worthy. This is simple. I learnt it from life. What about you?

Everyone is equal to flowers

Most unique things of flowers is that they don’t discriminate anyone. No matter whether poor or rich, white or black, young or old, living beings or non-living beings, everything is equal to them.

Wherever they exist, they stay remain as usual. They spread their beauty, they spread their smell.  This is amazing.

Showing discrimination to anyone is nothing but discriminate yourself. Everyone is equal irrespective of color, race, religion, demographic identity, etc. This is ego of mind. Self-ego can damage your most precious human attributes which is never desirable.

Flowers are the great gift of the Natures teaches us to be equal to everyone. Should we not to do so?

Flowers give lessons to love everyone

Wherever flowers exists they spread their colorful beauty and also spread their fragrance. No matter they are in the Nature or in the shop or in your room, they are doing so. They spread their silent love. They encourage to love everyone.

Radiating love to everyone & to all living beings can bring loves in return to you. If you got hurt by someone, still you should radiate your loving kindness to him or her.

No matter you like or dislike the person. Once you start to radiate love, you can find that your mind is in a state of peace. No hurt feelings, disliking feelings, no hates are generating in your mind.

You can find yourself are free from any kinds of obligation or guilty feelings. That is the power of loving kindness. This great lesson flowers are giving to everyone.

I do follow loving kindness and encourage everyone to do so. Why not you too?

Flowers attract everyone

Attracting everyone is not so easy. Right? But, such tiny flowers has this great powers. This is unbelievable. Not only human beings, even insects, bees, birds, etc., all attract by flowers? This is possible for the natural beauty.

This is possible for their sweet fragrance. This is possible for their non-harming expression.

What lessons here can learnt from flowers? Non-harming attitude or activities. If you are not harmful for anyone means you are possessing high quality of human attributes.

When you are harmless to anyone, you are also protected by the law of nature. Harmless must in words, in action, in behavioral expression, in your thinking also. Keeping faith on yourself, in fact, you are putting yourself under self-protection.

Flowers can give this message to everyone.

Flowers change surroundings

It is not wonder to you that flowers has a super power to change environment. Wherever they remain the place become very bright. No gloomy feelings remains there. The place become a peaceful place. But, why?

Flowers spread their colorful beauty. They spread the sweet smell. The place become bright. Sweet smell impact the air. The place become very wonderful.

Apart from this, flowers can connect human brain so fast. Such connectivity brings a happy feeling within the person. The environment of such place become lovely.

Flowers are giving lessons to boost up your inner power. Bring your inner peace among others.

Everyone has inner power. Only need to bring it to reality. Isn’t it?

You are not out of such inner powers. What are your inner powers? Your positive attitude, positive behavior, harmless activities, loving kindness, caring, respects to everyone, etc., are your inner powers.

It is your mind who gives you directions what to do in what situation. Your positive attitude will bring your activities positive too.

You can change yourself. You can change others as well. Your inner power only need to bring into light.

No limitation is there for improvement. Only need to keep continuous improvement. Only need you to upkeep your positive attributes.

Why not you try?

Flowers give lessons keep alive your emotions

Flowers attract everyone. This is coming from emotions of us. This is one of the great power of flowers. When you see flowers, you are emotions are putting you to connect with flowers. Have you noticed it?

Human beings are not out of emotions at all. It is not surprising at all that everyone is getting more & more materialistic day by day. Of course, there are many reasons behind for such changes.

Life styles are changing fast. Economic down trends, too much metal pressure for survival, etc., are very common now.  Sometimes situation is not permitting to spend enough times with family, friends or loving ones.

Do you think there is no impact on life for all these?

What impact can see?

Emotional attachments are getting distance day by day. It is happening either knowing or not knowing. Situation is putting in force of reality. Thus, emotional feelings to family, loving ones, etc. are impacting. This scenario is common now a days. Have you noticed this scenario?

Flowers are giving lesions to everyone to keep alive emotions. Keep your emotions alive for your loving one, for your family, for your parents, friends.  They expect it from you. Of course, you expect the same as also.

This is not critical at all. Only good intention need put in reality can help to keep your relationship alive. Keep your relationship as green. You can find you are very happy.

Flowers teach to spread out your good things

Peoples can remember someone only for his or her activities. If such activities are good, they will remember with respect. If such works are harmful or bad, no one is going to respect.

Even no chance to remember also. No one is out of it. You, me & all others.

Should you not put your best efforts to do utmost good works that can beneficial for all living beings? People will only remember your good attributes.

It is you, only you who can make it happen. Your will force put in actions. You will be great. Your life will be with full of human qualities. All these are the attributes of your life to make meaningful.

Flowers give lessons to be concern about the Nature

Almost everyone try to see beauty & fragrance of flowers. What they are not looking at all?

Flowers remind you to look at the Nature. They remind you to take care the Nature too. This is almost everyone fail to understand or get it. Why they fail to get it?

Almost everyone see the surface level attributes of flowers. They don’t try to go in depth either by ignorance or not bother do see at all. But, this is the most secret & important things which everyone overlooked.

What is this?

No matter a living being or non-living being, the last place to have rest in peace is on the soil of the earth! If my last place is on the soil that is in the Nature.

Should I ignore it even knowing? Should I not be too concern to take care the Nature? Should I not to be a part of creating awareness to “Save the Green” & “Save the Nature”?

I have learnt it from flowers.

What your inner voice says about this?

Beauty of flowers is temporary

If you look into flowers you can notice that their physical beauty is temporary. Colors gets fade away. Our physical body is similar as flowers. Physical beauty also get fade away caused by ageing.

No human is out of ageing impact. In fact, this is temporary.

This is reality.

But, our inner beauty lasts so long. Integrity, honesty, morality, wisdom, etc., all are our inner beauty. If we keep continue to up-keep them, they last long. Even the moment of end breath, they remain in a powerful way.

Why not your nourish them?

Let them alive at the end of your life & make the life so wonderful with such beautiful attributes of human life?

Despite of environment yet flowers bloom

No matter dry or rain, cold or hot temperature, flowers are still blooming. It is surprising also that even on the rock or crack of a building, flowers are blooming. They have natural power to adjust themselves within environment changes.

This is a great lessons for everyone. You can’t except that your life will always remain in same condition. There may have ups & down in life. Yet, you have to keep yourself very strong in aspects to cope up. You have to face reality, you have to accept reality.

Then, you have to way out from such situation to your comfort level. Your inner power i.e. your will force have to keep very strong to handle any kinds of situation.

Build up your strong positive thinking. Build up you positive attitude. Be strong enough to tackle anything. You will be able to make your life wonderful which you can learn from life of flowers.

Flowers focus to the Sunlight

Flowers always focus to the sunlight. They gain their energy from the sunlight. Focus to light is focus to alive. The fact is, without light fro the sun, no living beings can survive in the earth.

Focusing to the light is a great lessons for us. Your Positive thinking, Positive attitude, Knowledge, Wisdom, Morality, etc., all are your lights. Keep focus onto them. Illuminate all-around of you. Your life will be brighten day by day.

All these attributes are not to keep in hidden place, rather to bring them in reality. Bring them to out to enrich your life amazing.

Are you not doing so?

Flowers smile all times

When you give some flowers, no doubt that you are going to have a beautiful smiles in return. If you get some flowers from someone else, you are also going to smiles as well in return. Isn’t it?

This is the amazing power of flowers to make everyone smile. You can’t find such power among other things.

Many peoples almost forgot to smile or going to forget even.  Have you observed it?  Do you think it’s a good sign for their mental health? Of course, there may have many reasons behind it. Yet, need to overcome such situation. Right?

Smiling is a great power of anyone. If you can able to smile al times as usual, you are in a great level of peace. You are keeping away any kinds of anxiety, stress, overthinking, etc., from your life. You are having a great peace in your mind. Your mental health is in good condition.

Do you think smiling is hard? Only your intention. Why not smile all times & make yourself happy & also make others happy too?

Flowers get open up

Flowers open up themselves up regardless of their colors or beauty. They don’t stuck up themselves by any means.

Why not you open up yourselves with your inner powers & inner potentials. Your good qualities will bring good things. Only need you to explore. Need you to nourish. Need you to upkeep day by day.

If you don’t open up completely. Bring up your good qualities. Flowers reminds you such lessons. Learn this lessons to make your life meaningful. You were born with a purpose.

You need to achieve. Your utmost efforts can help you to achieve high level of human qualities. Your life will be meaningful like flowers.

In Conclusion, Flowers are the greatest & precious gift of the Nature. They are giving lessons to us. They are inspiring to make everyone’s life become meaningful. I have learned these from flowers. Flowers inspire me to know every moment of life and make the life meaningful. Listen to your inner voice. You can hear the same like me. You should learn lessons from flowers to make your life meaningful.  You can inspire from flowers. You can change yourself. You can also inspire others to make their life meaningful as well by learning lessons from flowers.

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