Why you Love Flowers so much?

Why you Love Flowers? It’s a Real Life Story of my childhood day.s. This Memory still reflects in my Mind even in this Midlife which always keep me so much cheerful.

I was very curious in my childhood days. Even till now in my mid age. Interesting things always do inspire me to run behind them. Here is a story of my childhood days.

I became so curious when I saw that one of our neighbor used to bring some Flowers every day while he back home from works. One day, I asked him why he bought some Flowers every day.

He just looked at me & smiled. Then replied only “I love Flowers”. But, he didn’t explained me what reasons he had so much love for Flowers?

This memory of my childhood still runs behind me even in this mid age to find out why people really love Flowers like my childhood neighbor?

This was really “Love for Flowers”

It’s not surprise at all that many people don’t know why Flowers make them so happy even they love to have Flowers always. Are you not so happy when you get Flowers from your loved ones or buy them from Flowers Shop?  Or, they may be from your garden?

Yes, there are many reasons behind that Flowers can make you so happy like me as well. Let me share most of the common reasons that you become so happy by Flowers.

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Start the day with happy feelings by Flowers

When you open your eyes in the morning after wake up from sleep & see Flowers in the room you feel so cheerful. Isn’t it? Do you know why you become so cheerful?

Touch of the nature remain within the Flowers which make you very cheerful. Your feel very happy. You want your day to start with a great feelings. You also want to stay cheerful day long. Isn’t not like that?

You don’t know even when your mind inspires you to love Flowers. Mind inspires you to look at the Flowers & remind you to feel how lovely all the Flowers? Are they not so wonderful?

They are so great to bring happy feelings within you in every moment. You might forget when you had started to love Flowers. Can you remember it?

Beautiful Colors of Flowers draw your attention very fast. You really Love Flowers so much.

Have you ever noticed that your eyes got stuck up there for sometimes while you see Flowers? You might start to look at them repeatedly. Right? Yes, it always happen to me also no matter whether I see them at home or anywhere.

When you see Flowers through your eyes, eyes send signals to your brain through sensory organs. Brain Cells get stimulated. Your Mind creates a pleasant thoughts which get you to feel happiness.

Usually, colorful things always draw attention of eyes. Flowers do the same thing to you. You feel great & love Flowers.

You have Creative Powers in the Mind to connect with Flowers

In fact, almost everyone has more or less some types of creative powers. In most cases, such creative powers remain hidden. Thus, you can’t find them out one after one. When your creative powers become strong enough, thus lead you to bring them in reality. Flowers help you to boost up your Mind and get them in reality by your actions & efforts.

Have you ever noticed this?

It’s no wonder at all that even you try to withdraw your attention from Flowers yet you can’t able to do so. Do you know why it happens?  Your mind starts to flash back such beautiful scene of Flowers again & again. Your eyes again fall onto Flowers.

Your creative thoughts pushes your mind to look at Flowers again & again. I have such experience many times. It’s so much interesting to experience the nature of creative powers of your mind.

Why not you try to have such wonderful experience?

You have connectivity with the Nature through Flowers that’s why you really Love Flowers

You have a very inner connection with the Nature. You might have overlooked to notice it due to some other materialistic activities. You might not aware to realize it. If not wrong, your mind sometimes put you to think over for the Nature. That’s why you sometimes look at the Nature.


But, how Flowers do so? Here is the answer. Flowers are the great Gift of the Nature. Amazing Power of Flowers can connect human brain or mind instantly.

Your feel so good to see the Flowers again & again. Your connectivity with the Nature become much strong. You feel the touch of the Nature through Flowers. You become so happy. Have you ever felt this?

You seek Inspiration from Flowers

If not wrong, you always look for some inspirations for your life to make more meaningful & amazing. You are very concern of a healthy life.

Thus, your mind always look for something beautiful. When such beautiful things are natural it inspires you so much. Your inspiration from flowers last long time. That’s the power of the Nature.

Inspiration from Flowers always push your mind to find out ways to make your life very bright. No matter what profession you are in or what you want to be.

You have a beautiful mind which always look for great inspiration. That’s why you become so inspired while you see flowers. Have you noticed such inspirational thoughts of your mind?

If not yet, try it to feel.

You have Unbound Loving Kindness like Flowers

Do you know you have a wonderful things in your Mind? Yes, you have. What is this? This is Unbound Loving Kindness like Flowers. Have you found it?

Yes, of course, you are so kind. You are kind to yourself. You are also kind to all other human. Not only that you are also kind to all living beings. Your unbound loving kindness always help you to refrain from any kind of harmful activities.

It may be to yourself or to others as well. This is one of the highest quality attributes of human life which you are having.

Are you not so blessed?

Your Positive thoughts starts to Flash to Love Flowers

It’s not like that sometimes negative thoughts don’t starts to run in your mind. It may happen. But, what about your Positive thoughts?

How to be sure you are having so positive thoughts which are more powerful than negative thoughts?

How to know that your thoughts are so much positive?

It’s simple to understand while Flowers attract you to see them. If your mind is not running with positive thoughts Flowers are not going to attract you.

But, most interesting things that even while you see Flowers you are getting inspired. Your positive thoughts going to generate in the mind. The power of Flowers can make it happen for you.

That’s the beauty of Flowers and also the wonderful power of your mind.

You are very caring to everyone including yourself that’s why you Love Flowers

Why you Love Flowers? Only for beautiful colors & sweet smell of them? Of course, not. You have power in your mind to care yourself as well to care others. You are very concern about caring. When your Mind is caring, it starts to flourish.

Thus, lead you to attract & love Flowers like magnet. Even you try to pull your eyes away from Flowers, sometimes you can’t able to do so.

Have you experienced this amazing power of your mind?

When you see Flowers through your eyes your brain or mind get signals through sensory organs. A strong bondage happen with your mind. That’s the Power of your mind.

That’s the power of Flowers. That’s why you love yourself too much and also love Flowers too.

Your Mind has strong Focus to see Flowers & Love the Flowers so much as well

It’s not like that your Focus of Mind is not strong at all. Your Mind has very strong capabilities of Focus. Otherwise, why you stuck up for sometimes while you see Flowers?

In fact, you are not paying proper attention to notice the power of your Inner Focus. You might not be aware of it. While you see Flowers you can find that your Focus is very strong. You can pay proper attention to see the Flowers.

Have you noticed this?

If not yet, a try may help you to see your depth of Focus. I do this sometimes & feel so amazing. Why you will be away from such amazing experience?

You are very concern of your Mental Health as well all other family members by Flowers

Do you know Flowers has very natural power to improve your Mental Health & keep you well?  In fact, Flowers can help to reduce level of anxiety, depression. Uplift mood. Flowers can also improve sleep quality & sleep duration.

Knowing all these mental health benefits your mind always remind you to love Flowers. You become aware to have benefits from Flowers and also to have Flowers at your home or in work place.

You love to have Natural Decoration at your home by Flowers

There are plenty of decoration pieces all-around. In fact, all are materialistic things except very few are natural. Have you not noticed that you are always attracted by Flowers even they don’t last long time?

Why you become so attractive to Flowers to keep them at home or work place as decoration pieces?

That fact is, beauty of natural things are very amazing. Natural beauty always attract you to fall in love. Feelings of natural beauty is different from artificial things.

That’s the fantastic beauty of Flowers. That’s the beauty of the Nature as well. While you are concern about natural beauty your mind remind to think of Flowers at first times.

Are you not so much concern about natural beauty?

You always want to remain Cheerful like Flowers which lead you to fall in Love of Flowers 

Who doesn’t want to stay cheerful? I always like to stay cheerful. You are also not out of that. In fact, having desires of cheerful is a human nature. It’s very hard to find someone who doesn’t like to stay cheerful unless he or she might have solid reasons behind it.

Whether you are aware or unaware your subconscious mind always wants to make you cheerful. Thus, your mind always attract to Flowers & inspire you to love Flowers as well.

In fact, beautiful color & sweet smell helps to boost up your mood fast. Thus, you feel cheerful.

You love Natural fragrance of Flowers

This is one of the key reason that sweet smell of Flowers make you so happy. You love to have smell of natural source rather than have it from artificial made fragrance.

You prefer to remove bad smell or odor also from you home in a natural way. You always try to avoid chemical made Air Fresheners considering possible health impacts.

Do you not think that natural smell is not much better than chemical made smell or fragrance?

If so, are you not stooping to have chemical in each moment of chemical made Air Fresheners?

You love to have Welcome everyone by Flowers & Everyone Love Flowers

Having Welcome by beautiful Flowers is a great moments for you & other as well? You love to have Welcome by Flowers every day when you come back home from outside. You also love to have welcome others at your home with beautiful Flowers.

That’s why you love Flowers so much. No matter whether you get Flowers from your garden or from a Flower Shop it or from Florist, you love to have Flowers so much to keep at home or in your work place.

You love to welcome by Flowers with feelings of nature.

You always like to be Special & different from others like Flowers

You like to be different from others & want to be special also. Your Mind always seek for bright time in a natural way that Flowers can give you only. You can’t find such things among all other materialistic things. Your Inner Voice always remind you to have Flowers.

You get inspired and keep yourself happy & also make others to be happy by Flowers.

Do you not think you are so different & special from others having with Flowers?

You want your Sweet Memories to get always alive by Flowers which is a Sign of Love Flowers

Flowers have a great power to keep your old memory always alive. Your sweet memories always flashes in your mind while you are in touch with Flowers. Your mind reminds you to love flowers so much due to this reasons.

Have you ever noticed that your sweet memories do flashes back one after one in your mind while you are in touch with Flowers? Do you not feel such wonderful moments like me? Oh… all the sweet memories… even that are past. Yet, all sweet memories are still alive & they bring so much happy feelings to me.

What about you?

You are concern about Eco-System of the Earth which put you in Love of Flowers

Do you remember that you had used Flowers for your many family occasions or parties? Why Flowers was in priority? You tried to avoid as much as artificial materials. Were there any reasons?

The answer is here. You were very concern about Eco System of the earth. You don’t prefer any stuffs to use which might have impact on Eco System. You like to have the earth green like me & all others also. That’s why you tried to avoid as much as possible artificial stuffs. Even still you are doing so too.

Yes, of course, everyone should try to save the earth as much as we can. Let the Earth always stay Green. Let’s be the part of Green Journey.

Will you not be like me?

Flowers make you so Romantic which even you are not awaare. That’s why you are so much in Love of Flowers

What a great feelings when you are so romantic. Right? Yes, Flowers can make you romantic & that flashes always in your mind to be romantic always. You feel so happy. You feel that your life is so amazing.

It’s no wonder at all that you may start to sing a romantic song while you feel such a great touch of Flowers. When you remember such wonderful moments you feel so great joy. You can find it within Flowers.

Who knows you may start to write wonderful poem while become so romantic.


You always try to impress your loving one or others by Flowers

Impressing your loving one & others with Flowers is a great idea. Feelings of the nature you can get it from Flowers which inspire you so much. Your impressive style get much attributed with Flowers. Beautiful Colors & Sweet Smell of Flowers keep you cheer up and also surrounding of you.

Moments after moments with happy feelings within you can only be able to find within Flowers. You find happiness all around you also. Have you felt it ever? It’s one of the inspiration from Flowers which always attract you to love Flowers like me.

You always try to find your purpose within Flowers & put yur Mind in Love of Flowers

Life has a purpose. Many people doesn’t bother at all to find out his or her purpose of life. Only move ahead & carry on life. Don’t bother at all to think over purpose of life.

But, you?

Your curious mind always pushes you to find out real purpose of your life. You try to find out you purpose of life within Flowers like me.

Why within Flowers you try to find out this answer? Is this question is not blowing your mind? Your connection with the Nature always remind you to find out you purpose of life through Flowers.

Being an amazing Gift of the Nature, Flowers has great powers to connect your brain, mind & inspire you. You can get so many lessons from Flowers which inspire & motivate you make your life so meaningful.

In fact, you are not out of the nature at all. Hence, your mind always try to look into the Flowers find real purpose of your life.

Why not you think over to find out your purpose of life within Flowers?

Why not learn lessons from Flowers to fulfill your purpose of life? I do so.

Why not you too?

In Conclusion, almost everyone love Flowers. Do you Love Flowers? Why not Ask yourself also “Why People Love Flowers”? In fact, there is not one or two reasons behind it. There are many reasons behind to fall in Love of Flowers. If you are still in doubt about your love to Flowers it’s time for you to think over to open up your mind to love Flowers.  Bring your All Creative Powers in Reality to make your Life Happy. Let your life move ahead to fulfill your purpose with happiness & meaningful with love of Flowers. Appreciated your Comments.

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