Why you should keep Flowers at home?

Why you should keep Flowers at home?

How do you feel when a sweet smell of flowers come out once you open the door of your home while back from outside?

Are you not going to feel a peace in your mind?

If not wrong, you are going to utter “Wow…….Amazing…..” even you are not ware at all while utter such words. .

Isn’t it?

Yes, that’s happening to me almost every day when I back to home. Sweet smell of flowers always all around inside of my home. It’s so pleasant & cheering! A lovely feelings moves around me all times.

Flowers, the gift of nature has such amazing power to make it happen. No other things can make it at all. That’s the power of nature. That’s the power of beauty. That’s the power of natural attributes of flowers.

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Why you should keep flowers at home? What Flowers can bring for you? Look below in detail.

Why we keep flowers at home in everyday?

Seems you are so curious. Why we keep flowers at home every day? Yes, there are very specific reasons behind this which inspire us to do so. Have a look below reasons.

Flowers are sign of welcoming

No matter you or anyone comes to home, they feel warm welcome while see flowers. Even you are going to utter welcome to someone else or not, flowers convey silent welcome to them.

Welcome someone in a natural & beautiful way. Flowers at my home do welcome everyone in such a way.

Flowers are natural piece of decoration

Even a small bunch of flowers can flashes their colorful beauty all around the home. Mind blows to think over that there is no precious things at home rather than flowers. Flowers are so natural that its beauty flourishes in a very natural way.

While looking at flowers it is always remind to see the natural beauty.  Beautiful colors of flowers brighten the room such a way that it sparks. Eyes stuck up on flowers for sometimes. Have you ever feel this?

Flowers spread Sweet smell all around

When flowers are at home, it spreads sweet smell all around. A gentle flow of such smell creates a good feeling inside of mind. Even expensive artificial perfume is nothing to such natural smell.

It is so mind blowing that last long in nostril and also all around home. Even you go out of home also, such feelings will keep continue to remain within you.

Flowers do Air purification

Only few flowers can detoxify or clear impurity of air. You need to use air conditioner or room heater based on temperature. If not wrong, you are using artificial air freshener to remove odor or bad smell of room.


Are you aware about side of effects of such chemical made air fresheners?  Those who have allergies they face difficulties to stay in the room in case air freshener spread. Some people also face difficulties to breath in such environment. Some people also feel headache.

Also, similar impact on little kids may arise.

If you want to remove odor or bad smell from home, keep few pieces of flowers in each room. They will purify your room air.

Don’t forget to keep flowers in such a place where little kids can’t touch. They are always curious to touch everything & put them in mouth.

Flowers increase Humidity level

Flowers release its own humidity to air space. This can help to add humidity in the air. If feel dry air in you room, can bring back balanced air by keeping some fresh flowers.

Some people have issues with dry skin. If they are in good air humpty level at home, they feel much comfortable. Flowers can play a vital role to release humidity in the air. Skin can absorb such humidity that helps to keep skin in good level of comfort.

La vendor flower is most effective for those who have dry skin. This flowers contains huge moisture & release the same in air space. Can you imagine so great healing power of flowers?

Flowers can pick up Mood

Human mood is so tricky that no one knows when good mood will turn to bad mood or off mood. In fact, mood is the state of mind. It’s very hard to keep in control. But, everyone has to bear such sufferings of bad or off mood some times. It’s reality.

Are you out of this?

Flowers has a natural power to establish connection with human mind fast. When flowers are home, it help to pick up level of mood. Colors & smells of flowers has an impact in human brain through our nervous system very fast. Thus, mood uplifted and feel much better than before.

If you are in bad mood, do you think you are in a right situation? Of course, nothing will feel good to you at all. You feel that you have been stuck up. You become distracted. If you want to do a certain work nut not able to pay concentration.

But, why?

It’s only for your mood.  Hence, good level of mood is so important in life to do anything. Flowers, only flowers can help in such case. Spend sometimes close to flowers. You will find that no more bad mood.

A peace mood is running within you. I usually do so.

Why nt try it?

Flowers Brings happiness

When everyone at home are in a good mood, do you think happiness are miles away? Of course, not at all. Right? Happiness is in your home.

Who doesn’t like to have happiness in life? No one else. If mood is not well, do you think happiness will remain? Chance is slim. What’s the reason?

When someone is not in good mood, it may come out by behavioral attitude. Possibilities of arising Conflicts, misunderstanding, etc., with others are there. An un-happy or unpleasant feelings may belongs among everyone.

When flowers are at home, everyone get connected with each other in goods mood. Almost no chance to touch un-happiness.

Living within harmony of peace in a natural environment can make the home very wonderful.

Isn’t it?

Flowers can improve your Relationship

Living in a peace at home is nothing but a reflection of good relationship among everyone of home. If someone is not in peace mind somehow at home,

it spreads to almost everyone at home. Even it carries to wherever he or she goes. It may be to work place or may be some other places.

Have you noticed it?

Hence, good relationship is so much important to maintain a healthy life environment. Flowers has a great power to keep human mind in peace mood. Thus, helps to get close to each other understand very well.

This is a natural power of flowers. This is a natural gift.

Who doesn’t like to keep life in a distracted way?


Floers can increase Positive Energy

Flowers has natural power to connect with human mind fast & boost up positive energy. They also help build up positive thoughts. Such positive stimulation lead to get much more mental energy.

Thus, helps anyone to think everything in a positive way even in worse situation also.

You can increase your positive energy to make your life very amazing. Flowers can make it happen for you. It’s one of the easiest way to boost up positive energy level in a natural way.

Flowers improve Mental Health

Keeping flowers at home can improve mental health of you and every one at your home. Anxiety, tension, stress, etc., are nothing but creations of mind.

They lead anyone to face an un-comfortable situation in life. It affects physical body too. It is hard to understand & some cases tough to get rid of it fast too.

In generally, almost everyone pay very good attention on physical body as it is tangible. Due to its tangibility anyone can noticed pain or sufferings of physical body.

What about intangible body?

That is mind. As it is intangible that’s why everyone pay less attention.

Is it not Right?

Are you aware that this tangible body is leading all activities of physical body? Though mind is intangible, but its effect on physical body & mind itself too,

It can lead you to feel good or bad. If mind is so important in every aspects of life should you not be aware of it?

Should you not keep the mind always remain in a state of peace?

Flowers can enhance Focus

Flowers has a great power of enhancing focus. Your mind will be out of distraction while you in touch with flowers. You can pay good concentration or focus on anything as you desire.

Being close touch with flowers you can keep your mind away from any kind of distractions. Keep your mind green to keep you much more focus oriented.

Flowers increase Creativity

Creativity is a inner power of mind. Having peace in mind you can think over in dynamic way. Thinking all round i.e. in 360 degree dimensions, you can bring up your real creativity.

Why you get blocked sometimes? It’s only caused by your distracted thoughts. These thoughts lead you to think over in other directions even you don’t want to do so. Yet, you can’t do.

Flowers can help to boost up your creative power. It is your mind with unlimited possibilities of creative things. Only need to bring them to in light. Explore your inner creative power rather than getting them hide in mind.

Flowers increase Productivity

Having in a peaceful mood, whatever you do, your productivity will be much more than expected. Flowers natural power connectivity with human mind boost up mental energy.

Thus, lead to increase bring god productivity of your any works.

In fact, Productivity is most Important in every aspects of Human Life. Why not explore your Thouhts whether it really matters for you?

Flowers help to reduce Anxiety, Stress, Depression

Anxiety, stress, depression, etc., are very common now a days. Of course, there are many solid reasons behind all these to face. Almost everyone is running fast to cope in this competitive world.

Not having ample time to pay attention for recreation. Not paying concentration to mental health. Continuous thinking is running behind to adjust & cope in fast moving life. Are you out of this?

Almost everyone is getting much more involvement in materialistic world. It is pushing them to be more & more self enteric either knowing or not knowing. Situation is putting to pay less attention of emotions of human life.

As a result, not able to avoid mental distractions. It is also affecting quality of life. Facing difficulties to keep work & life balance. This is not a healthy situation for anyone.

Being a natural gift, flowers has such abilities to connectivity with human mind fast. It reduce level of anxiety, tension, depression, etc. fast. No other things can do like flowers.

Knowing all these, are you not going to pay more attention on you are your mind?

Flowers help to bring sound Sleep

Sweet smell of flowers helps to have you sound sleep. Smell passes signals to brain through nervous system. It cools the brain.

If you face difficulties to fall on sleep, flowers can amazing work. Only need you to keep some flowers in the room everyday. Sound sleep help to be energetic for next very days. Don’t neglect your sleeping duration for healthy life.

Flowers helps to Calm down 

Calming down of mind is very tough. Continuous flow of thoughts sometimes make any one so puzzle that he can’t to stick on any particular point. It causes mental pain. Not able to find sometimes to get rid of it.

Have you faced ever?

In such situation, spend sometimes close to flowers. Look at them. You will be feel good to see such beautiful colors & Sweet smell will flow around you. Vibration of color & smell will pass to your central nervous system. Brain will cool down.

After a while, you will start to feel so good. Mind has calm down. You have re-gained the power of deep thinking. You can find that no restless feelings anymore inside. This is super attributes of such natural gifts that beyond imagination.

Flowers bring back Memory

The most amazing power of flowers is to bring back your memory even you forgot such sweet memories of your life. It may be childhood memories or few years back. Wouldn’t be surprise at all while you feel old memories has started to flashes in your mind one after one.

Even you didn’t try to re-call them or you tried to find out all old pages of your life. All these are coming from your sub-conscious mind without trying to bring back them.

It’s so surprising & unbelievable power of flowers to help mind to bring back old memories.

No matter memories are so pleasant or painful, in fact, all are past. They will not back in present any more. They will come & they will go. While reading this article, your old memories may start to flashes in your mind. Memories are past scenario. Let it come & let it go.

You can find your mind is getting with full of joy for few moments.

Flowers can do connectivity with the Nature

When a bunch of flowers are at home, you are not out of nature. Colors of flowers brighten your room. Sweet smell flows all around the home. It’s so alive like nature. Can you find all other things at home are so alive?

Your feelings, your emotions, etc., all gets connected with flowers when they are at home. You also get connected with nature. A tiny bunch of flowers can make it happen for you.

Even though they don’t last long, yet, they remain in mind moments after moments, days after days in your memory. In fact, flowers touches your mind for long lasting.

Flowers give Lessons for Loving kindness

Wherever flowers remain they brighten the area & spread sweet smell all around. Do they seek any return? Do they ask to pay back in return? In fact, nothing. Isn’t it?

A silent message flowers are giving to human beings. Like as – look at us. Look at our colors. Feel our smell. Are we not coloring all around you? Are we not giving you sweet smell?

Are flowers not inspiring you to love yourself? Are flowers not inspiring you to love & be kind to others all around you?

Yes, they are inspiring everyone to radiate love & kindness to all living beings. When you radiate your love & your kindness, you no need to ask for any return.

Same love & kindness will be back to you. This is law of attraction. No matter you radiate good thing or bad thing, it will back to you.

Flowers inspires to enhance Human Life Quality

This is the most powerful lesson to learn which flowers convey to human beings. Life duration of flowers are very short. No matter they are belongs in the nature or at your room.

They do brighten by their color & create happy feelings by sweet smell wherever they exist. They give everything for well beings of others.

Isn’t it?

What about you? What about me? What about all human beings? Are we doing so in our lives even human life is so long compare to flowers?

Yes, flowers are giving lessons to us. Why not we do spread our good human qualities all around the earth. Why not you convey such lessons to your kids?

Let them learn from all these from flowers? Only need to spare few minutes to be away from their iPad or Tablets.

Let them to think over such lessons from flowers by their own ways also. Let them to get connect with the nature from home. They will be able to learn real human quality to build up. They will be able to spread all around. The world will so beautiful for all living beings.

Being gift of nature, flowers are so precious & helpful for us.  Don’t limit flowers within color & beauty only. They are giving message of nature.  They are inspiring to love the nature also.

If you look at flowers for sometimes, of course, you will be able to explore your mind. You can find your real purpose of life. You can see find life is amazing when you are in peace.

Flowers bring Happiness & Peace 

The amazing things that Flowers can bring happiness & peace in your family. While you are always very close touch with Flowers, you are always in a happy feelings. You are always cheerful. You also inspire everyone to stay in peace also.

In conclusion, note that you, only you, who can change yourself for your life. You can also inspire others to change their lives. Flowers are a great inspiration for life.

Love flowers and keep them at home no matter few pieces or a bunch of flowers. Let every day is a day of inspiration. Let every day is a happy day. See the life in a new way moments. Fresh Flowers can bring every moment a joyful moment. every moment becomes a happy feeling moment.

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